Manu zona reservada paraizo natural 5 dias / 4 noches (bus/bus)
Max altitude 3.800 MSNM
Difficulty Modarado
Travel Style Adventure

Manu zone reserved natural paradise 5 days / 4 nights (bus / bus)

Bosque de nubes, pilcopata–atalaya, cocha otorongo

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We pick up from your hotel very early in the morning from 5:30 a.m. at 6:00 a.m. in our comfortable and private bus. On the way, we visit the funerary towers or Chullpas de Ninamarca at 3750 meters above sea level and a brief visit to Paucartambo, a folkloric town, a colonial bridge. We ascend to the upper area of ​​Paucartambo, the Acjanaco sector. (4000 m.s.n.m) This is the point of entry to the Manu National Park. Then we descend through the mysterious cloud forest, which hosts a great variety of flora and fauna, full of beautiful orchids, heliconias and primitive ferns. We took a walk to give you the opportunity to witness the Cock of the Rocks (Rupícola Peruviana) in the ritual of mating. There are also possibilities to observe Trogones (Trogon sp.), Quetzales (Pharomachrus sp.) In addition, much more and if we are lucky we can observe Spectacled Bear (Tremantus Ornatos). In the afternoon, we arrive at a village  Pilcopata at 550 meters above sea level in our typical lodge that is outside the town with private bathrooms and showers where we will spend the night.


After the delicious breakfast we continue our trip 45 minutes by bus to watchtower on the way we observe coca plantations and fruit trees and orchids, we embark on motorized boat by the Madre, On the way we can observe a great variety of birds, such as herons, Kingfisher and always the presence of the vultures of which the most spectacular is the condor of the jungle, the king of the vultures (Sarcoramphus papa) and the Jaguar (Pantera Onca) we have a stop at Boca Manu (280 m.s.n.m) and then a short stop at the  rangers  stations . The boat trip continues and one begins to realize why Manu is so famous for its wildlife. On the  river, there are groups of turtles, white alligators (Cayman cocodrylus) or perhaps some ronsocos (Hydrochoerus, hydrochaeris) and many more. In the afternoon we arrive at our safari camp in Cocha Otorongo (250 m.s.n.m) (double beds inside platforms) shortly after we organize a walk to visit the lake and the observation tower of 30 meters from where we have the opportunity to observe the river giant otters, turtles and birds. Here in the Manu the animals have never suffered hunting persecution by men. Night in safari camping on platforms with roof double beds with mosquito net. Showers and shared bathrooms.


The group visits Cocha Salvador today, which is 30 minutes away from Cocha Otorongo. Today they explore walking in the virgin primary forest; we visit the lake to paddle silently on a catamaran that gives us the chance to observe the river wolves again and a variety of strange birds, the sultana (Porphyrula Martinica or Garza Agami). Agamia) and monkeys of different species are almost certainly observed 9 species. We later walk on the main trails with the guide to learn the operation and secrets of the tropical forest. In the afternoon we return to our camp in Cocha Otorongo. On platforms with a roof Beds with mosquito net Shared showers and baths available Optional night walk.


Very early in the morning, the group will visit the  MACAW CLAY LICK  is in Quebrada salvadorcillo then return by the river MANU OBESERVING THE BIODIVERCITY TO BOCA MANU brief visit to Cocha Brasco to be able observe giant otters. NIGHT IN LODGE. With bathrooms and showers.


We continue our return by boat on the Alto Madre de Dios River. On the way, we have again the option of seeing many birds and likewise with very lucky animals. This day is very sad because we have to leave our wonderful jungle full of mysteries and return by boat to Atalaya then we travel by bus to Cusco on the way we can see the Cloud Forest again, with immense variety of flora and fauna. In addition, arrive at the city at    8.30 to  9 p.m.



  • Private ground transportation
  • Private river transport
  • Professional specialized guide with telescope and binocular
  • Food, D.A.C. snack.
  • Safety equipment life jackets.
  • Lodging in comfortable hostels with private bathrooms.
  • Recharge batteries to solar panels
  • Radiocomunication
  • Lodging in hostel WITH BATHROOMS
  • First aid kit
  • Water during the trip.
  • Professional staff, driver and crew
  • professional cook
  • Entrance to the Manu National Park
  • All the entrance to tourist places.
  • A pair of rubber boots for hiking

Not Included

  • First day breakfast
  • Mineral water the first day
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks.

What you should bring:


  • Thick clothes (cold dawn by the river)
  • rain gear
  • Canteen
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight or torch with extra batteries
  • hat or cap
  • Long-sleeved shirt and long pants
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sandals, bathing suit and towel
  • A pair of hiking boots
  • Personal hygiene equipment (toilet paper)
  • Extra money.
  • Wellingtons.


conservation rules

Our passengers must comply with the following rules for the good use, comfort and enjoyment of the trip to the Tourist and Recreational Use Zone of Manu.

1.- Overnight in the place indicated in the program and permission.
2.- Visit only authorized areas
3.- Do not interfere in the activities of park rangers and researchers
4.- Do not establish contact with native settlers and respect their customs.
5.- Do not collect flora and fauna species.
6.- Do not carry firearms.
7.- Do not enter hunting and fishing implements.
8.- Comply with the provisions of the Park headquarters and its Park Ranger staff.
9.- Grant facilities to the Park Ranger for inspections carried out on the vessel that transports them.


  • USD 999 per person
  • Special discount for groups of more than 5 people.


Choose your tour in private and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Manu. We going to arrange everything based only in your interest, have the most personalized service, We avoid the crowd and try to have the place just for you! . Ask for your private tour now!.

Manu zone reserved natural paradise 5 days / 4 nights (bus / bus)
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